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This resource will give you a framework for the NDIS planning process. It was developed with advice from families who have been through this journey and early childhood intervention workers who support families with NDIS planning.


Ask anyone who knows your child for advice about what they think your child needs and to provide documents and reports to share with your planner. You don’t need to pay for reports for a first plan.

When, where, with whom and how do you want to hold the meeting? Ask your planner to offer you a suitable time. The meeting can take a few hours. Consider organising the meeting on a childcare day so you are not distracted.

You would have gone into your NDIS planning meeting with some idea of what services you might be wanting. Going through the planning meeting may have helped you to think differently about what you need for your child and family.

NDIS has requirements and recommendations about what providers should do. “NDIS participants have the right to be safe and to receive quality NDIS services and supports from the providers and workers they choose.”

Support Learning and Development

This is something a parent might not think about. Some children with Global Developmental Delay can benefit from equipment to help with their learning and development. This equipment is Assistive Technology (AT) and could be included in a NDIS plan to help a child achieve their goals.

ndis and equipment

Many items can be funded by the NDIS. You will need to work with your team from a NDIS provider to find out if anything might be useful, for your child, now and in the future. Speech Pathologists, Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists can help you

All parents face the challenge of understanding what their children need and how to support their development. But this challenge can be even more acute when your child has global developmental delay