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Services & Support


Finding and selecting a provider to help your child, yourself, and/or your family is an important decision. Like all health professionals, allied health practitioners differ in training, experience, and personality.

professional services

Professionals services are an important source of support for families of children with global developmental delay. For children below school age, these services are known as early childhood intervention services.

how much service

This is a question that all parents will face. Here are some general points to keep in mind when deciding how much support you need and what form it should take.

family need

Your child’s wellbeing depends not only on what you do to support their development but also on the wellbeing of the family as a whole. It is important to make sure that the needs of other family members and the family as a whole are being met.

best practive service

The most effective services and practitioners use a family-centred approach that involves partnering with families to address the issues that are of most importance to families, and helping families develop the capacity to meet the needs of their child and family.

All parents face the challenge of understanding what their children need and how to support their development. But this challenge can be even more acute when your child has global developmental delay