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Family & Community

kindergarten 800

Children learn and develop at different rates. Some learn to walk or talk more quickly, others more slowly. Significant delay in one or two areas of child development is called developmental delay.

belonging key message

When we belong, we feel like we fit into and are an important part of a group. In a close family everyone has a strong sense of belonging. Children with developmental problems can feel like they are different…

Playing and Learning with Other Children title

Children play and learn together in their local community and in children’s services and school. Playing and learning with other children is sometimes called inclusion and participation.

Takingpartinfamilylife 800

Being included and participating in family life gives children practical skills such as self-care. Family life gives children social skills to play and talk with others. Family life gives children cognitive skills to know and learn more.


Community life includes fun things like playing and having outings. Community life also includes the everyday things we do in our neighbourhoods. Community life includes looking after our own health.


Playgroups are for babies, toddlers and preschoolers (aged 0-5 years). Parents, grandparents and caregivers and their children meet. Children have the space to learn through play.


Early Childhood Education and Care services across Australia are required to meet national standards to make sure your child is safe and has opportunities for learning and development.


Preschool programs are educational services for children before they go to school. Mostly they are for four-year-olds but sometimes there are preschool programs for three-year-old children also.


There are many things to consider when choosing a school for your child. Finding the right school for your child can be hard and may take time. Family, friends, other parents, and professionals…


What happens if you have chosen a school for your child and their enrolment has been refused? What happens if the school does not adjust to include your child?

All parents face the challenge of understanding what their children need and how to support their development. But this challenge can be even more acute when your child has global developmental delay