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What is required of NDIS providers?

Key Messages

  • NDIS has requirements and recommendations about what providers should do.
  • “NDIS participants have the right to be safe and to receive quality NDIS services and supports from the providers and workers they choose.”

What is required of NDIS providers?

Service agreements:

“The NDIA recommends having a written service agreement so participants and providers are clear about what each party has agreed to. Service agreements help make sure the participant and provider have the same expectations of what supports will be delivered and how they will be delivered.” providers

“Find out how to use your service agreement, including getting services, changing your service agreement, and information about what to do when your service agreement is ending.”

“Providers and participants need to discuss and agree on proposed changes to charges for services and supports. Once agreed, providers should update service bookings with the changes.”

If you feel distressed thinking and reading about this topic,
talk to your GP or health professional. You can also call Lifeline on 131 114.

Registered providers:

You can choose to use a registered NDIS provider. Providers must be registered to deliver some kinds of supports. “There are a number of requirements providers must meet to become registered and maintain registration with the NDIS Commission.” Link to the National Quality and Safeguards Commission

Registered NDIS providers must demonstrate compliance with the NDIS Practice Standards, undertake quality audits, comply with the NDIS Code of Conduct,  support employees to meet its requirements, ensure all workers have been screened, have complaints management and resolution systems in place, and incident management systems.

As part of the registration and renewal processes, the NDIS Commission assesses the suitability of NDIS providers and their key personnel to deliver NDIS supports and services.

National Quality and Safeguards Commission:

“NDIS participants have the right to be safe and to receive quality NDIS services and supports from the providers and workers they choose.”

“The NDIS Commission aims to uphold the rights of people with disability, including the right to dignity and respect, and to live free from abuse, exploitation, and violence.”

“The NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission is an independent agency established to improve the quality and safety of NDIS supports and services. The NDIS Commission regulates the NDIS market and handles complaints about the quality and safety of NDIS supports and services.”

For NDIS participants, the NDIS Commission will:

  • help you, and your families and carers, by responding to your concerns or complaints
  • require providers to uphold your right to be free from harm
  • promote safety and quality services
  • oversee a new NDIS Code of Conduct and Practice Standards for providers and workers
  • require registered NDIS providers manage incidents involving participants
  • require registered NDIS providers to report incidents, including abuse and neglect, to the NDIS Commission
  • provide national oversight of, and leadership in relation to, behaviour support
  • identify areas for improvement across the NDIS market, and provide information and advice to improve future services.

Our service is independent and confidential.”