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Links to other recommended resources

Key Message

  • a wide range of resources are available
  • some useful organisations and websites are listed here

These are some sources of information which may help you find out more. There are many resources available from organisations ranging from government agencies to specialists in early childhood intervention, disability in general, and global developmental delay. These websites may be useful for finding out more about issues relating to a child with a developmental delay. We have used the principles contained in How to find reliable and useful information on the internet to select these recommended resources.

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Starting Blocks

National resource base on early childhood education and care.

Raising Children Network 

A wide range of resources for parents and caregivers.


Disability organisation with a searchable database.

Children and Young People with Disabilities (CYDA)

Resources (fact sheets, audio and videos) on inclusive education, NDIS and other topics.

Disability Gateway

Federal government website with comprehensive information and resources on topics relating to disability.

The A-List

Resources and information on autism.

Just Like You

A program that educates primary school aged students on inclusivity and disability.

All Play 

Evidence-based resources to help parents, teachers, coaches, carers and health professionals working with children with developmental challenges.

Playgroup Australia

Playgroup Australia is a not-for-profit organisation, established in 1984 as the national representative body for playgroup organisations. Their wbsite contains resource and research on playgroups, and links to state playgroup organisations.

Every child and every family is different. Your feelings as you take the journey from noticing your child may have a delay, to diagnosis, and beyond may also be different from that of other parents. There is no right or wrong way to feel.