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Accessing social support in your role as a parent – Step 2

Step 2. Identify your ideal situation, or your goal

Your responses to the questions on the previous step can help you to identify where you might need more social support.

Welcome to your Identify Situation or Goal

What were the areas that you rated as needing this social support ‘quite often’, ‘often’, or ‘sometimes’?

Choose one of these areas of social support, where you say you currently have unmet needs, to focus on improving. Remember, here is what the different types of support mean:

What area of social support do you wish to focus on improving right now:

What is its current rating: You have a need for this support

What is the goal for how you would like to rate your need for this social support? To improve this aspect you would want to have less need for the support. For example, maybe now you feel you need emotional support ‘quite often’, but you would like to only have that need ‘sometimes’: